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JIRAN offers a wide array of SaaS
solutions, ensuring there's a perfect fit
for your organization's unique

Cyber security

  • Zero Dark Web Dark Web Monitoring solution

    Zero Dark Web is a service that detects and monitors information about our company that is exposed on the dark web using the global dark web analysis tool.

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  • Exosphere Unified Threat Management solution

    Exosphere is the first Unified Threat management (UTM) endpoint protection solution for SMBS.

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  • Office Keeper Data Loss Prevention solution

    OfficeKeeper is a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution with unified security management tool. OfficeKeeper provides comprehensive data protection and simplified management system.

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  • Spam Sniper Email Integrated Security

    Spamsniper provides the best email security experience with ransomware and APT malicious threat prevention algorithms.

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Collaboration service

  • SoriChat Communication & collaboration

    SoriChat is an AI Powered Collaboration Tool. Boost your team's productivity by integrating modern AI bots with your workflow.

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  • Work in Mobile Mobile Email Client solution

    You used to jump between apps for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes you needed to get your work done. Now, you can do all with Work in Mobile.

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Online storage

  • GigaPod On-premise storage solution

    GigaPod is on-premise storage solution for business, and it fits best for the companies who are looking for drop-box like solution with the reinforced security features.

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  • DirectCloud Cloud storage solution

    DirectCloud is an online storage solution for business that provides various file managing and sharing features with strong protection.

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