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OfficeBox is a private cloud storage solution for business and it fits best for the companies
who are looking for drop-box like solution with the reinforced security features.
With OfficeBox, you will be able to accelerate and mobilize your workflow with the best of
breeds technology.

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  • Connectivity icon Connectivity

    Put all your files together in one central
    location accessible from any device.

  • Flexibility icon Flexibility

    Easily share file with your team,
    clients and vendors from anywhere.

  • Security icon Security

    Empowers teams to collaborate while
    securing confidential business
    information and minimizing risk.

Build an online workspace with secure and
exclusive administrative control

Confidential or classified data of company can be shared to only allowed people. You can also easily share the files with multiple external partners.
User can create guest folders for each partners to co-work efficiently. Simply share large-sized file or multiple files via one clickable link.

  • My Folder icon
    My Folder

    Private area for user to
    manage personal files.
    User can upload file
    easily and quickly.

  • Guest Folder icon
    Guest Folder

    User can create guest
    folder to allow space to
    co-work with external
    partners efficiently.

  • Shared Folder icon
    Shared Folder

    Secure workspace for
    internal collaboration.
    Only administrator can
    add multiple folders
    under shared folder
    and give permission to

  • My Desktop icon
    My Desktop

    Remote access to my
    PC drive via OfficeBox
    mobile app on-the-go.

  • Back up icon
    Back up

    Auto backup local PC
    folder to OfficeBox and
    auto restore data in
    OfficeBox folder to local

  • File Versioning icon
    File Versioning

    Keeps multiple file
    versions to manage its
    history efficiently.

Learn how OfficeBox can benefit your business
Protect your files against file leakage and virus attack

OfficeBox provides various security options to protect your files. You can set the policy for security and password on OfficeBox. Real-time monitoring
and file encryption helps you to protect your data from data leakage.

  • Access Control icon
    Access Control

    Give user and groups
    permission to read/
    write/create files in
    specific folders.

  • File Auto Encryption icon
    File Auto Encryption

    Auto encrypts all files
    uploaded to Office-
    Box server.

  • Anti-virus scanning icon
    Anti-virus scanning

    Provides virus scanning
    for individual files up-
    loaded to server to
    protect securely.

  • Real-time monitoring icon
    Real-time monitoring

    OfficeBox supports file,
    folder link and login
    logs for monitoring
    user and file activity to
    reinforce security.

  • Security policy icon
    Security policy

    Various policy options
    such as timeout,
    lockout settings, file
    link period are available
    to manage data securely.

  • Password policy icon
    Password policy

    Provides 3 level of
    password policy to
    access the file/folder.

“OfficeBox allows us to easily control and manage files and folders.
It’s very safe and easy to access from any device.”
The best way to manage your server to use OfficeBox

You can integrate, backup, delete, and reboot/shutdown to efficiently control server to use OfficeBox.

  • External Storage Integration icon
    External Storage Integration

    Integrates existing
    SMB/FTP server to
    OfficeBox and provide
    user interface to
    navigate and access
    files via storage folder.

  • Auto File Delete icon
    Auto File Delete

    Support auto file
    delete for old or
    unused files followed
    by set policy.

  • Server Backup icon
    Server Backup

    Backup OfficeBox DB
    to external server

  • OfficeBox Update icon
    OfficeBox Update

    Get your OfficeBox up-
    to-date checking
    updates of Office-
    Box DB and anti-virus

  • Download 
                  Bandwidth Control icon
    Bandwidth Control

    Set maximum
    download bandwidth
    for OfficeBox to
    prevent overload.

  • Server Reboot/Shutdown icon
    Server Reboot/

    Able to reboot or
    shutdown the server
    to manage Office-
    Box efficiently.

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