JIRAN will help you to choose the solution that
works best for your business.
The world is changing and you need to re-think what’s best for your business. Jiran provides various distance business IT solution
and cyber security solution to help you to do the business from anywhere around the world
Cybersecurity The traditional cybersecurity is struggling due to new attacks and technology. With our technology, the malicious behavior and programs can be detected before the attacks.
Work from home It is important to respond to evolving market conditions and customer demands agilely with leading technology. The solutions will help you do works from anywhere around the world.
About JIRAN From 1994, JIRAN has grown its business for more than 27 years as a leading software company in Korea with products such as security service, messenger, cloud, Big data, and mobile applications. JIRAN continuously strive to develop and provide up-to-date products that people need.

Exosphere is the first Unified Threat management (UTM) endpoint protection solution for SMBs


OfficeKeeper is a DLP
(Data Loss Prevention) with
unified security.


CYREN is a global threat
intelligence solution.


OfficeBox is a private cloud
storage solution for business.


OfficeMessenger is a secure
and efficient E-messenger.


CoolMessenger is a messenger for work that helps users to enhance
work efficiency by separating
personal life and work.


OfficeCall is a real-time online
video conferencing service
for business.