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Exosphere is the first Unified Threat management (UTM) endpoint protection solution for SMBs.

Businesses today face not one but numerous cyber threats like virus, malware, ransomware and
data loss. Faulty hardware or insider threat may cause you to lose your business data. Your old
generation antivirus is no longer enough.

Stay up to date and protect your business against emerging threats and viruses with Exosphere.

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Hit the ground protecting your business today

The new types of malware and viruses are created every single day. In order to protect your business against malware,
ransomware, phishing, and an insider threats, you need an advanced security solution.

  • Gain the upper hand
              against cyber threats icon Gain the upper hand
    against cyber threats

    Exosphere provides a reliable detection
    performance with global cloud database
    and Exosphere’s own intelligence analysis.

  • Easy to manage through
              a single console icon Easy to manage through
    a single console

    You can monitor the security status,
    file tampering, suspicious action,
    and malicious codes from a single
    console, whether by the business or
    by a managed service provider (MSP).

  • Every business needs
              a security icon Every business needs
    a security

    Spend less time on security and more
    time running your business. Exosphere
    will protect against emerging threats
    and protect your PC at no extra cost.

Cost effective and designed for SMBs

Cyber attacks on SMBs are increasing dramatically. The best investment for your company is
a security.

Exosphere seamlessly integrated multiple threats protections into an all-in-one solution,
resulting in significant cost saving vs buying multiple solutions. Our unified threat management
(UTM) endpoint protection approach combines the broadest breadth and depth of protection
with the right level of cost and complexity to create the perfect solution for SMBs.

Exosphere Achieved VB100 Global
Certificate with Powerful Detection

The VB100 certification is one of the industry’s
definitive guides for the performance of antivirus
products. In order to be awarded the VB100, the
product must detect at least 99.95% of the
malicious files and mistake no more than 0.01%
of the clean files as malicious.


Window 7 version
Windows 10 version
WildListdetection 100.0%
False positive rate 0.000%
0.000% 100.00%
Outsider Threat Protection
  • Anti-Malware icon Anti-Malware

    Exosphere Anti-Malware feature provides a multiple detection methods that are multi-layered approaches based on proactive and intelligent technologies.

  • Anti-Ransomware icon Anti-Ransomware

    We analyze and block suspicious behavior attempts to access corporate data. The administrator will be able to grasp real threats that can affect corporate digital assets.

  • Web-protection icon Web-protection

    Blocks malicious websites when the user attempts to connect via the browser. Malicious websites may contain malware or virus that gain total access to your PCs.

Data Loss prevention
  • Device Control icon Device Control

    Detects a file that contains confidential information and blocks data transfer to a USB drive or other removable devices.

  • Application Control icon Application Control

    Controls access to applications such as email, instant messenger, public cloud, etc., which has the potential risk of data leakage.

  • Screen capture Control icon Screen capture Control

    Without Microsoft Active Directory, now you able to stop screen capture or snipping function.

  • Web Control icon Web Control

    Provide you more secure protection on the web for insider threat by website category, for example, Webmail, Social networking, and P2P or Cloud storage.

  • Sensitive Data Discovery icon Sensitive Data Discovery

    Inspects sensitive data in endpoint by prior set regular expression and keywords. Detected sensitive data will be auto encrypted to prevent from misused or transferred by mistake.

  • Encryption icon Encryption

    Plays a major role in data protection and secure data both at rest and in motion. Exosphere allows transferring encrypted files only through authorize devices and applications to prevent from data leakage.

Additional features
  • PC Health check icon PC Health check

    As over 99% of threats rely on know vulnerabilities, Exosphere induces to make sure the endpoint system and application is up to date.

  • Backup & Restore icon Backup & Restore

    Backup user files as a last line of defense against corruption by malware or ransomware. Allow PCs to create auto backup sync to the selected path in the cloud or local storage server.

  • Print security(Option) icon Print security(Option)

    Print control manage endpoint allow or block to use any printer devices. This feature allows only authorized users to print sensitive data with watermark to avoid misuse of company confidential data.

Exosphere Endpoint Protection for your specific industry needs
  • Insurance companies

    Exosphere helps insurance companies protect sensitive patient data to stay compliant with regulatory requirements for privacy and security

  • Financial services

    Exosphere helps Financial Services companies be PCI and SOX compliant, along with other regulatory compliance requirements

  • Legal services

    Exosphere helps Legal Services companies protect sensitive information, intellectual property, and much more from both internal and external threats

  • Healthcare

    Exosphere helps Healthcare companies to be HIPAA compliant and maintaining the privacy and security of patient data

  • Manufacturer

    Exosphere helps the manufacturer to secure their production PCs and protect sensitive information to ensure the production line achieves 100% uptime.

  • Retail

    Exosphere helps Retail companies be PCI compliant and provides a cloud-based endpoint solution that is easy and fast to deploy and manage remotely.


Feature, Exosphere Anti-virus, Exosphere DLP, Exosphere Pro It's a table of items.

Feature Exosphere Anti-virus Exosphere DLP Exosphere Pro
Exosphere Pro Anti-Malware
Anti-Ransomware (Ransomware Folder Protection)
Web Protection
Data Loss Prevention Device Control for DLP
Application Control for DLP
Screen Capture Control
Web Control for DLP
Sensitive Data Discovery
Additional PC Healthcheck
Backup & Restore
Print Security Option Option
  • Exosphere Anti-virus

    Exosphere Outsider Threat Protection
    PC Health Check

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  • Exosphere PRO

    All Exosphere
    features included
    Strong PC protection

    Per 1 device, 1 year Select
  • Exosphere DLP

    Exosphere Data loss prevention
    Additional features

    Per 1 device, 1 year Select
  • You need to select from 5 PCs
  • Please contact us if you want to use it from more than 1000 PCs
  • VAT is not included
  • Print security is not included. Please contact us for this feature.
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