CoolMessenger is a messenger for work that helps users to enhance
work efficiency by separating personal life and work.

  • Efficient document & file sharing
  • Real-time communication through PC or mobile devices.
  • Add an organization chart to easily cooperate with employees.
CoolMessenger main features
Organization chart

Set the organization chart of my company. It helps you to easily communicate with team members of employees.

File sharing

CoolBox can act as your file server. Users can have different permission to access a folder based on FTP file system.


Add shortcuts of various websites.
The users can access to the link with one click.


Create a survey and send it to the people.
It is a great way to gather information and opinions about work or other issues.


Send an important message as a notice. The user will receive a pop-up notification.


Save the messages as a memo. You can save attachment, re-send a memo or
make it float in the background.

work and
personal life
  • Work and personal life are effectively separated.
  • Protect your privacy outside of work hours.
  • Various work messages, notice, and surveys can be done from one messenger.
  • Provide web editor in the message and allow copy and paste image or excel graph.
the Data Silo
  • When using various messengers, it is often difficult to locate data.
  • Manage your work history with the message management inbox. Save your time and efforts to search for the data.
Strong security
system and
  • Packet encryption prevents information leakage and hacking when sending messages or files.
  • On-premise version allows the administrator to directly manage from the admin program.
More than 8,000 schools are using CoolMessenger

CoolMessenger is being used 20 million times a day by more than 350,000 teachers and 8,000 schools



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