JIRAN is a SW specialized group with many experts focusing on new software development, distribution, and foreign business around the world.
From security service to messenger, cloud, Big data, and mobile applications, JIRAN continuously strives to develop and provide up-to-date solutions that people need.

JIRAN successfully expanded the business to the United States and APAC regions including Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. JIRAN ASIA-PACIFIC was founded in 2015 and our
goal is to build trust and relationships with customers and partners to successfully introduce JIRAN products around the world.

Our missions
  • Improve credibility with customers and partners
  • Respond to evolving market conditions and customer demands agilely with leading technology
  • We believe in doing the right thing. Being honest and ethical is more important than any other short-term profits
Things we value
  • dream icon DREAM

    JIRAN focuses on developing valuable
    ideas from partners and employees.
    JIRAN, as a dream platform,
    is where you can endlessly dream
    about your future and
    can cooperate with other dreamers.

  • challenge icon CHALLENGE

    If you have a dream,
    don’t just sit and dream about it,
    but stand up to reach out and
    grab your dream.
    You will face multiple challenges
    but the important thing is that
    you don’t complain and do it right.

  • keep going icon KEEP GOING

    If the direction is right,
    don’t stop and keep going.
    Don’t give up on your dream,
    because if you keep working on it,
    you will eventually reach your dream.